Blogging for Kids

Some parents out there may be skeptical about letting their children blog, especially if those children are young.  But blogging is an exciting–and even educational–way to introduce kids to the world of technology.  In addition to being the perfect outlet for creative expression, blogging can help children improve literacy and motivate them to research things they’re interested in.  Feedback from others (in the form of blog comments) also gives them a reason to research more and create better, more refined blog posts. Continue reading

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14th Annual Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences Awards!

Interactive Achievement Awards 2011

Last night, Jay Mohr hosted the Oscars of the video game world, the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences (AIAS) Awards. In addition to the sometimes funny material from the emcee, there were some awards given out! Continue reading

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Using the Internet as a Learning Tool

Internet Learning ActivitiesSo you want to help your kids become proficient with technology, but aren’t sure how to do it?  Contrary to what some may believe, you don’t need to buy expensive gadgets or educational games in order to integrate technology into your child’s learning regimen.  All you need is an internet connection, and a whole world of educational opportunities becomes available!

In this article, I will be outlining some great ideas for internet projects you can do with your children.  Aside from being good exercises in internet proficiency, they’re also quite practical!  Most of them can be adapted for classroom use as well. Continue reading

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3DS — Making People Sick, or Just Sick Profits?

According to an American Optometrist’s online survey, 1 in 4 Americans gets sick from watching 3D. The headaches, nausea, and dizziness can come from the eye strain that can occur when your eyes try to keep up with the technology. Or, you might be one of the hundreds of thousands who have natural trouble with depth perception. Supposedly, people who have trouble reading in cars are also susceptible to discomfort.

And then there’s this kicker, from Nintendo themselves:

Nintendo says children ages 6 or younger shouldn’t play with its upcoming 3DS handheld gaming system with 3-D technology, because it might affect vision development.

So what’s the deal? Why push for 3D when you’re potentially pushing out one-quarter of your potential customers, in addition to the young children’s market, before you’ve even delivered a single unit? Continue reading

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The Role of Technology in Education

Teachers and parents today are under a great deal of pressure to keep up with an ever-increasing list of demands when it comes to education.  Among these demands is the need for our children to be technologically proficient.  With the prevalence of the internet, cell phones and even video games in our daily lives, it’s no wonder that technological literacy has become a requirement in almost every state’s educational standards.  But how can we effectively incorporate technology into the lives of our children in a meaningful way, both inside and outside the classroom?

Research.  Learning how to navigate the internet is a vitally important skill for students to learn.  Most of the fastest-growing jobs in America are internet-related to some degree; however, even people that don’t have jobs in these sectors still use the internet for practical purposes on a near-daily basis.  The possibilities for projects incorporating internet research (both at school and at home) are virtually unlimited.  Researching instructions for building a kite, a recipe for a favorite food, or just general information on a topic of interest are all great ways to utilize the internet for both educational and practical purposes.  Writing a paper based on internet research is also a great way to teach older kids how to do a proper internet citation. Continue reading

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