Based on Ravensburger’s International best selling puzzle game!

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Labyrinth DS Reviews

This is a great game for both kids and adults. It stood the test of time in Board Game form, and it is equally fun and exciting in the new DS form! By adding in a storyline and utilizing DS features, ThinkSMART Games successfully brought a classic Board Game into the new generation! If you enjoy Board Games, puzzles, or “thinking games”, you should definitely try out Labyrinth!


The immense amount of moving intellectual parts gives “Labyrinth” a formidable level of depth that defies the budget price and appearance.


Labyrinth is a great multiplayer DS game that puts an emphasis on strategy and critical thinking. Labyrinth is a perfect family-friendly DS game that can be played alone or with others.

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Kids love ThinkSMART Games because they’re fun to play, engaging and interactive—and you’ll love them because you’ll know that your child is reinforcing important creative thinking, reading, and problem-solving skills. I am personally happy to be able to get my son to learn anyway and anytime I can!”

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